The 12 Largest and Most Amazing Earth Moving Machines

The 12 Largest and Most Amazing Earth Moving Machines:

12. K-Tec 1254 ADT

K-Tec 1254 ADT Largest and Most Amazing Earth Moving Machines
Humbly starting off on our list of the largest and most amazing
earth moving machines is one of K-Tec’s pride and joy. The K-Tec 1254
ADT is a large earth moving scraper, capable of scraping and moving mass
amounts of dirt within a very short time. The scraper is designed for
push loading and can also be pulled with the help of a 40-ton, 450+
horsepower rock unit. Not just designed to be a lean, mean scraping
machine, the K-Tec 1254 ADT was also built for convenience. The scraper
has a bolt-together design that allows for shipping and maintenance with
little difficulty.

The K-Tec 1254 is currently the world’s largest dirt moving scraper.
The machine’s overall height is around 3.5m, with an overall length of
12.3m and a width of 4.27m. The shipping weight of this machine is about
24,040kgs. The machine has a heaped capacity of 41.29 cubic meters.
Requiring a horsepower of more than 294KW, this scraper is no push-over
and indeed deserves number 12 on our list.

11. Hitachi Ex8000-6

Hitachi Ex8000-6
Next up, we have one of Hitachi’s finest collection of mining
excavators. The Hitachi Ex8000-6 was made and launched by Hitachi
Construction Machinery in the year 2012. One of the more appealing
features of the Hitachi Ex8000-6 is the fact that it comes with both
shovel and backhoe attachments. Being a very hi-end and versatile piece
of machinery, the Hitachi Ex8000-6 is indeed one of the largest and most
amazing earth moving machines.

The Hitachi Ex8000-6 is as large as it is versatile. The dimensions
of this splendid excavator is no joke. The Ex8000 has a height of 9.9m
long. The undercarriage length of this equipment is around 10.5m, while
its undercarriage width is 8.65m. Along with its massive size, this
machinery has a shovel a capacity of 40.0 cubic meters with its backhoe
capacity of 43.0 cubic meters. And that’s not all, this bad boy is
packed with a 4 cycle, 16 cylinder diesel engine that can produce around
2800KW of energy. More than deserving of the number 11 of the list.

10. Bucyrus RH400

Bucyrus RH400
Following up on Number 10 on our list is the Bucyrus RH400 Hydraulic
Shovel. Bucyrus International Inc. was a mining equipment company in
America purchased by Caterpillar Inc. on July 8,2011. However, the
Bucyrus RH400 still remains a favorite among many. Packing a massive
hydraulic shovel, this huge excavator is truly a sight to behold. This
three-storey-high behemoth set a record by excavating about 9,000 tons of earth in just one hour. Talk about digging powers.

Its massive hydraulic shovels can hold up to 94 tons, while its two
16-cylinder engines can generate about 3300 KW combined. The Bucyrus
RH400 Hydraulic Shovel is as large as it is tough. It has a height of
about 10m, a length of around 11m and has a width of about 9m. The
Bucyrus RH400 also has a fun feature. It has a separate room behind the
cab where one can fit a small refrigerator and a microwave as well.
Having a price tag of $11m, the Bucyrus RH400 is indeed one of the
largest and most amazing earth moving machines.

9. Terex 33-19 “Titan”

Terex 33-19 "Titan"
Next on the list, we have one of the oldest and most common sort of
heavy equipment earth movers out there. Even though it is old, the Terex
33-19 “Titan” is a truck which is still a sight to behold. Firmly
taking the place of Number 9 on our list, the Terex 33-19 “Titan” is
indeed one of the largest and most amazing earth moving machines.

The Terex Corporation has a long and complicated history. First
founded as the Euclid Company by the Armington brothers back at 1933,
their success in designing and building haul trucks got the attention of
General Motors. GM purchased the Euclid Company in 1953 and later, in
1970, named it Terex. After a while, GM’s Terex Division created  the
Terex 33-19 “Titan”.
Being a single prototype, this large machine was made somewhere around
the 1970s and served all the way till 1990. This huge truck has a
carrying capacity of 370 tons, and was considered one of the biggest
trucks in terms of dimensions. This truck is currently on display in
Sparwood, British Columbia.

8. Le Tourneau 2350

Le Tourneau 2350
Occupying number 8 on our list is one of the most marvelous loaders
that has ever been made. The Le Tourneau 2350 is an absolute badass and a
definite head-turner when it comes to front-end loaders. Made by the
American Earth Moving Machinery Manufacturer, the L-2350 loader is
definitely one of the largest and most amazing earth moving machines out

The Le Tourneau 2350 is currently the largest front-end rubber tired loader
in the world. The L-2350 loader has a shovel of about 40.52 cubic
meters and can scoop and shift earth quite easily. This behemoth is
about 20.4m in length and is 6.4m in height. The loader can handle more
than 72 tons of material, lifting it 13m into the air. Quite impressive.
Having a 65 liter, 1700KW diesel engine, the L-2350 loader is a real
mighty earth moving machine.

7. Caterpillar 797F

Caterpillar 797F
One of the most well-known and popular brands of heavy equipment,
Caterpillar makes into the list with one of its toughest machines. Well,
let’s be honest. We couldn’t make a list of the largest and most
amazing earth moving machines without including Caterpillar, now could
we? Of course not. And with a baby like the Caterpillar 797F, we had no
choice but to have it at number 7 in our list.

With high-powered engines and heavy payloads, Caterpillar lives up to its reputation with the CAT 797F.
Sporting a massive 20 cylinder Cat C175 diesel engine, it packs a power
of almost 3000KW, clearly besting all of its predecessors in the race.
Along with that, its massive hull has a overall height of 15.7m (body
raised), with a length of 15.0m and a base width of around 9.5m. Along
with all that, it has nominal payload capacity of 400 short tons. With a
ton of more cool features added, this truck is the envy of many.

6. BelAZ 75710

BelAZ 75710 Largest and Most Amazing Earth Moving Machines
Often called a brute by owners, the BelAZ 75710 lands itself on the 6th
position of our list of the largest and most amazing earth moving
machines. Apparently, this piece of beauty was designed by BELAZ due to
the demands of loyal customers. Lucky for them, this truck holds all the
qualities necessary.

Making good use of technology and the wits of engineers (Those
brainiacs!), the BelAZ 75710 makes use of hydrostatic steering,
facilitating maneuvering. Now, customers could say, “Making a 360 was
never easier”. It’s design includes eight tires, an upgraded suspension
system, and latest technology parts that ensures better durability. The
maximum speed of this truck is 64 km/h; pretty impressive. The BelAZ
75710 has the ability to carry up to 450 tonnes of weight. Maybe this
truck should have gotten a spot in the Guinness World Records. The
dumping performance of the BelAZ 75710 is said to be a piece of art in

5. Komatsu D575A

Komatsu D575A
A machine that runs on a power of 860 kW, the Komatsu D575A has
earned a place at number 5 on our list of the largest and most amazing
earth moving machines. There are two types under the Komatsu D575A:
Komatsu D575A-3 and Komatsu D575A-3 SD. The more, the merrier. We are talking from the perspective of the customers, of course.

To date, the Komatsu D575A is reported to be the Japanese heavy
machinery company. The Komatsu D575A-3 is said to be able to move up to
90 cubic yards of dirt or solids per pass. Also, it promises to have the
capability of digging as 6 feet 9 inches. On the other hand, the
Komatsu D575A-3 SD, which was introduced in 2001, can move an astounding
125 cubic yards of material per pass. In addition, it has a slightly
different electronic control system for the powering. Its hoses and
harnesses have a longer warranty, making it better when compared to the
Komatsu D575A-3.

4. Caterpillar 8750

Caterpillar 8750
Coming in at 4th position of this list of the largest and
most amazing earth moving machines is the Caterpillar 8750. This model
is said to be the first dragline in history to be gifted with AC IGBT
drive systems. Heavy machinery enthusiasts, exclaim “Hallelujah”!

The Caterpillar 8750
is efficient, saving up to 10% energy over its life. Due to the
presence of the AC IGBT drive system, this machine does not require too
much effort behind maintenance. Therefore, labor costs can go out the
window. The on-board computer allows quick and simple troubleshooting;
even a child could figure out where the fault lies, receiving
instructions from the machine itself on how to fix the problem. The
operator’s cab is comfortable, compared to other draglines, and ensures
better safety. The Caterpillar 8750 also makes use of hatches that are
leak proof. A definite winner.

3. Marion 6360

Marion 6360
In number 3 on our list of the largest and most amazing earth moving machines is the Marion 6360.
It was dubbed as “The Captain” at one time, having been the heaviest
machinery ever to be built since year zero to 1965. A power shovel, the
Marion 6360 seems to be quite an achievement for the Marion Power

The Marion 6360 has a bucket capacity of 180 cubic yards. Making use
of a power of 15000 hp, this beast of a power shovel weighs 15,000
tonnes. After 150000 tough man hours for 18 months, the Marion 6360 came
into existence. That must have been a proud time;
we-just-had-a-beautiful-baby moment for the company. Aww, those cuties. 
Purportedly, the Marion 6360 had a total height or 210 feet and started
service in 1992. The machine caught fire at one point, during 1991,
ruining the machine house and the lower works. To the makers’ relief,
this machine was resurrected later.

2. Takraf Bagger 293

Takraf Bagger 293
Landing itself at 2nd position of this list of the largest
and most amazing earth moving machines is the Takraf Bagger 293. This
does not come as a surprise to those who know their heavy machinery. A
humungous piece of equipment, the Takraf Bagger 293 actually held the
Guinness World Record for the largest land vehicle.

Reports say that the Takraf Bagger 293
could easily move materials that could fill up almost 100 swimming
pools that are of Olympic-size. Woah, what an accomplishment! A
bucket-wheel excavator, the Takraf Bagger 293 was invented by a German
company that goes by the name TAKRAF. Coming to existence in 1995, the
Takraf Bagger 293 is currently under the ownership of RWE Power AG.
Standing at a height of 96 mind-boggling meters, the Bagger 293 is not a
sight for the weak-hearted. This monster machine requires five people
to operate; a total bad boy in the machinery industry.

1. Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60

Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60
Blessed with a height of 80 meters, the Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60
comes in at number 1 on our list of the largest and most amazing earth
moving machines. The name sure is queer, isn’t it? It seems the
manufacturers were aware that they had created a giant of a machine.

Weighing about 11000 tonnes, the F60 is said to be used mainly in
coal mines in Germany. This heavy machinery has two parts: an excavating
monster in the back and a dumping one in the front. The Conveyor Bridge
F60 swears to have an output of 29,000 m³/h per pass, which is almost
equivalent to a soccer field. This machinery makes use of 27000 kW of
power, enough to keep the nine different conveyor belts running at a
constant speed of 10m/s. You can see why this is our topper for this

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raadioteleskoop (1) Maailma suurim rauamaagi kaevandaja (1) Maailma suurim reisisait (1) Maailma suurim roomiktraktor (1) Maailma suurim siselõbustuspark (1) Maailma suurim soolakaevandus (1) Maailma suurim suhkrupeedi tootja (1) Maailma suurim söekaevandamise õnnetus (1) Maailma suurim talgivabrik (1) Maailma suurim tank (1) Maailma suurim teemandikarjäär (1) Maailma suurim teemant (1) Maailma suurim tehissaar (1) Maailma suurim toidumess (1) Maailma suurim transportlaev (1) Maailma suurim turg (1) Maailma suurim varu (1) Maailma suurim vasemaagi kaevandaja (1) Maailma suurim veiniturismi keskkond (1) Maailma suurim veinivalik (1) Maailma suurim videomängumess (1) Maailma suurim võlakirjafond (1) Maailma suurim ämblik (1) Maailma suurim õhulaev (1) Maailma suurim õmbluslehtede kogu (1) Maailma suurim ühekopaline mehaaniline pärikoppekskavaator (1) Maailma suurima kandevõimega lennuk (1) Maailma suurima söevaruga riik (1) Maailma suurima toodanguga teemandikarjäär (1) Maailma suurimad andmesidekasutajad (1) Maailma suurimad kopplaadurid (1) Maailma suurimad kujud (1) Maailma suuruselt teine karjäär (1) Maailma suuruselt teine pärikoppekskavaator (1) Maailma suuruselt teine vasemaagi kaevandamiskoht (1) Maailma suuruselt teine vasemaagikarjäär (1) Maailma sügavaim gaasiammutamise puurauk (1) Maailma sügavaim karjäär (1) Maailma sügavaim naftaammutamise puurauk (1) Maailma sügavaim plaatina kaevandus (1) Maailma sügavaim värviliste metallide kaevandus (1) Maailma tigedaim madu (1) Maailma tugevaim olevus (1) Maailma tugevam vulkaanipurse (1) Maailma tulusaimad kaevandamiskohad (1) Maailma turvalisim linn (1) Maailma vaikseim paik (1) Maailma vanim alkohoolne jook (1) Maailma vanim domeen (1) Maailma vanim vesi (1) Maailma vastandlikuim kaevandamine (1) Maailma vastikuim alkohoolne jook (1) Maailma veidraim alkohoolne jook (1) Maailma veidraim elukas (1) Maailma veidraim vulkaan (1) Maailma väikseim dinosaurus (1) Maailma väikseim maja (1) Maailma väikseim raamat (1) Maailma väikseim riik (1) Maailma värvilisim linn (1) Maailma väärtuslikem ettevõte (1) Maailma väärtuslikem kaubamärk (1) Maailma võimsaim mobiilne kraana (1) Maailma võimsaim päikeseelektrijaam (1) Maailma võimsaim röntgenkiir (1) Maailma ägedaim veebileht (1) Maaima suurim püsilabürint (1) Maakoore levinuim leelismetall (1) Maroko suuruselt teine mäeettevõte (1) Mongoolia suurim vase- ja kullamaagi kaevandaja (1) Poola suurim kaevandaja (1) Rekordi lisamine (1) Rootsi suurim karjäär (1) Suurbritannia suurim kivisöe kaevandaja (1) Top 5 (1) Tumblr (1) Twitter (1) USA suurim kivisöekarjäär (1) USA söeenergeetikast sõltuvaimad osariigid (1) USA söeenergiast sõltuvaimad osariigid (1) Ukraina suurim mäeettevõte (1) Universumi sagedaseim element (1) Universumi suurim teemant (1) Venemaa suurim mäemasinate tootja (1) Võru ägedaim koht (1) World's most (1)

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